What is Reconnective Healing & Science

One of the other appealing aspects of Reconnective healing is that it allows
both the practitioner and the client to connect directly to source the universe
God whatever you would like to call it.

We are not sending we are literally receiving Reconnective healing helps us
return to wholeness on many levels and has the amazing ability to help us
connect more fully to ourselves others, the earth the universe and to our
multidimensionality as human beings also what appeals to me as an engineer is the
scientific research that’s being conducted with Reconnective healing.

For example, William tiller professor emeritus of Stanford University explains
that Reconnective healing frequencies take healing beyond what is classically
known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy light and information,
a spectrum that may not have been accessible to us prior to now.

One of the most fascinating lab studies was conducted by scientists at the
University of Arizona where DNA was shocked by heat and then scientists
observe the effects of several healing modalities on the damage DNA.

Only one healing modality cause the DNA to recoil and repair and that was Reconnective

They also noticed during this experiment that Reconnective healing frequencies tended to affect repair more
rapidly as the practitioner increased their distance from the subject.
Also constant in Caracas at the University of St. Petersburg in Russia has been conducting research with Reconnective healing by measuring the effects of attendees at Reconnective healing seminars before and after seminar participation

He found that ND photon emission was significantly greater during and after the seminar.

He also conducted similar measurements showing an increase in thermodynamic free energy in the room
where the seminar was held.
This also mimic similar studies conducted by William Tiller a year prior subsequent studies conducted with the Russian athletes are also bearing witness to the same phenomena.

Preliminary experiments verified that not only was the Russian athlete receiving the healing benefiting
but the person facilitating the session benefited as well.

So in effect science is bearing witness to what we have been witnessing in Reconnective healing over
the past nine years.

What you are doing is bringing light and information

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