• Energy Healer

    Practitioner Name: Domenic M Parisano

    Domenic Michael is a Spiritual Intuitive/Sensitive and is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner. His sessions are completely hands off and he channels energy for the client for their highest good. He see’s Energy Healing as just an offering of energy and love for the purpose of healing. Reiki Energy Healing read more


    Sacred Heart Healing

    Practitioner Name: Domenic Parisano

    Offers Guided Meditations in Group settings on topics from Individual Spiritual Experiences to Weight Loss to Manifesting. Certified in Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection. Admin for meetup.com: Sacred Heart Healing group 35+ years IT Experience and manager of this website: The Alternative Healers Directory

  • Your Inner Landscape

    Practitioner Name: Misty Harding

    ~ Misty Harding, Angelic Channel ~ My specialty is connecting you to the Angelic Realms with highly transformational and profound sessions that will shift your vibrational frequency and accelerate your spiritual growth by releasing all that is not yours or does not serve you. You can meet and learn to read more